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  • How long have you been making lampshades?
    We have been making vintage style lampshades for over 20 years!
  • Do you ship to the UK?
    Absolutely, we ship all over! We work with many clients in the UK to furnish pubs and restaurants. We also provide custom orders to people in the UK and can ship any shade from our shop. Have questions or concerns about shipping? Do not hesitate to email or call us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Where do you get your frames from when making the lampshades?
    We actually make them ourselves! This allows us for to have complete creative control over our lampshades from beginning to end. We've also created our own style of frames such as the "Empress".
  • How long will it take for my order to ship?
    We do our best to get your order shipped as quickly as possible! Please allow for 2-5 business days for us to have your order shipped. We pack each lampshade with great care to ensure it arrives in great condition! Typically we ship our shades via FedEx, if you have questions regarding shipping, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes we do! We have shipped our lampshades all over the world. We carefully pack the shades to protect them on their journey. If you have cconcerns about shipping, please reach out to us!
  • What type of lampshades do you make?
    We make all kinds of lampshades! We make Floor, Table, and Bridge lampshades as well as bedlamps or headboard lights. We love creating lampshades in a variety of styles and make shades in Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Asian styles. If you have a specific style in mind to light up your room, reach out to us and we would love to see what we can make for you!
  • Do you make custom lampshades to order?
    Absolutely! We love working directly with people to make beautiful pieces for their home or business.
  • How long does production take for a custom order?
    After the design has been determined, and depending on other shades we are making, it will take about 1-2 weeks for a custom bedlamp to be made. Larger projects like floor, table, and bridge shades will take longer and depend on the design. We will give you an estimate as we finalize the order.
  • A lampshade I like is sold out, can you make it again?"
    All of our shades are individually handmade. We sometimes use antique trims and materials on our lampshades and may not be able to recreate the shade exactly as shown depending on what materials we have available. We can often make a new shade look extremely close to the sold out one, but some details may vary. Contact us to see what we can do!
  • What type of lampshades do you restore?
    We currently restore fabric lampshades. If you have a lampshade that you would like restored, please email us pictures to!
  • I would like to speak with someone more, how do I contact you?"
    We'd love to help! You can reach us via call or text at 951-326-9610, email at, or through our contact page!
  • How to Care for Your Lampshade
    • Use a light bulb that does not run too hot. Different colored light bulbs can change the look of the lampshade when lit. • Shipping can cause the fringe on a lampshade to hang a little crooked when you first pit it on the lampshade, after a few days of hanging on the shade it should straighten out. • Silk is a natural fiber and variations in the weave of the weave of the fabric causing some surface variations is normal. • Never use water to clean your lampshade! Blow dust off the shade with a blower or use a feather duster. • Water should always be kept away from your lampshade. Rain or water will destroy the fabric! • Be careful where you leave your shade. Leaving your shade in direct sunlight can cause the fabric to fade over time. • Some fabrics are sensitive to humidity. When the shade leaves our studio it is stretched as tight as possible for the frame, but increased humidity during travel or on arrival may make some of the fabric panels appear loose. To correct this, the best way is to keep the shade in a less humid environment and apply dry air to the shade with a hair dryer. The heat from the light bulb will also often make the panels straighten out again.
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