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This shade and lamp combination has sold! All of our shades are individually handmade. If you are interested in having a shade made in a similar style, contact us via phone or text at 951-326-9610, or email at


This small Apollos shade is done in a beautiful lilac colored fabric that is rich with beads and 3 dimensional flowers and enhanced with embroidered stitching. The center panels are an iridescent silk. The floral pattern trim along these panels is custom dyed to match and matching beads were sewn on to it for continuity. A long bugle and ball beaded fringe is used around the bottom.

The shade sits on an antique, Art Nouveau style, cast iron table lamp with a beautiful antique finial. The nearly 100 year old antique lamp has been rewired and is ready to use! The colors in the flowers on the lamp are painted to match the shade, but have an antiqued finish to blend with the lamp. This lamp is the perfect piece to add a Victorian touch to your home!
Truly one-of-a-kind piece with fantastic workmanship.

Size: 21” tall / 4” finial / shade 12” wide x 8” deep

Handmade in the USA.

Antique Art Nouveau Lamp with New Lilac Shade

SKU: VS60000
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