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We have several stories we find humorous from our early days in this business. One of these occurred while we went on a selling trip in the days before the internet and selling online was possible. We would carry our inventory of finished lampshades in our van and travel through towns and cities looking for shops that seemed like they might like our style and product.

  Kelly would carry a few shades into the store so the owner could see our work. This often was a long process as they wanted to see all of our shades before making a purchase. One such trip took place on a rather warm Ohio day. We stopped in a shop and after bringing in a few shades we spent some time talking with the lady in charge, getting an idea of colors and style she might like to see. Finally, after a quite lengthy conversation (she was having some difficulty in making a decision),  I turned to Kelly and suggested that we get Judy, one of our shades, out of the van. Many of our shades have names like this because it makes it easier for us to instantly know which shade we are referring.

It took a bit of explaining on our part to assure the panic stricken shop owner that we hadn’t left a child, JUDY, in the vehicle all this time while trying to make a sale. After calming down, and a good laugh, we found her the perfect shade!

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